Primăria Municipiului Alexandria


Tourism and services

Although our district may not offer the variety and splendor of other regions of Romania, people who have visited us have always had the best times. People here are warm and open?hearted, fun-loving, communicative and famous for their hospitality as all Romanians.
Downtown there is ?Parc?, a two-star hotel that has over 240 beds, a bar, restaurant and a terrace.

For those who are fond of nature, ?The Lucky Inn? offers the possibility to get away from the turmoil of city life.


The downtown area offers some new and modern entertainment spots such as a pizza place, ?Bella Italia?, disco ,,Smile?, and the swimming pool Mara near of Peco area.There are also two camping spaces for pupils just outside the town.

In Alexandria are 5 travel agencies: ?Vedea?, ?SindRom?, ?ElionTour?, ?Atlassib? and ?BTT?.