Primăria Municipiului Alexandria



slide0004_image034Although Alexandria is considered a relatively young town, the archaeological research conducted in the area, demonstrated the existence of life date back from Palaeolithic, Neolithic, and the middle Ages. The idea of founding a town was promoted by some groups of inhabitants of Zimnicea and Mavrodin.
Founded in 1834, according to Otto von Moritz?s city planning (the man who also made the city planning for Braila and Giurgiu and later for Turnu Severin), Alexandria was named after prince of Romania Alexandru Dimitrie Ghica (1834 ? 1842), whose imposing cenotaph can be admired in St. Alexander?s Cathedral downtown.

slide0002_image017The founders? diligence and hard-work, whether they were farmers, artisans or merchants, the geographical conditions, and especially ?Ekstrukţia? ? that interesting constitution which they drafted and followed for 30 years: ?an example of human idea, an example of democratic leadership, through the representatives chosen by the inhabitants and a homage brought to the freedom principle and the peaceful cohabit of the inhabitants?, all these made Alexandria evolve constantly into what it is today.

The commerce, dominated by cereal and cattle business, was the most important branch of economic life until 1948. After the re-establish of Teleorman County, in 1968, becoming its residence, Alexandria benefits by important investments. On the 27th July 1979 Alexandria is declared municipality.

The inhabitants enthusiastically took part in all the important events of the town?s modern history: the 1848 Revolution, The Union of the Romanian Principalities, 1907 Peasants? Uprising, World War I (1916-1918) and World War II (1939-1945).

slide0016_image023The town?s people also took part in the 1989 Revolution, and in the years that followed, they got involved in all the major changes inherent to the transition period.

They are confident that Alexandria will find its own rhythm, and will grow into landmark both on a national and a European level.