Primăria Municipiului Alexandria



The economical situation of Alexandria is closely tied to the national economy, which is going thorough a period of reforms and restraints, but is also influenced by the local specific, the evolution of the economic and social activities had determined the dynamics of setting up businesses.

On 31st March 2005 there were 3,807 companies registered at the Register of Commerce, out of which 157 were joint-venture companies, 3,111 limited responsibility companies and also 455 small family businesses.
Most of these commercial companies have private local capital ? 3,520, private foreign capital ? 56, private local and foreign capital ? 31 and 24 companies are owned by the state.

In Alexandria there are 2 trade associations and 3 local branches of some national trade associations (UGIR 1903, ANAMOB and the Federation of Associated Farmers), who represent the most of the local companies.


The most important companies of our town are:
SC KOYO SAmanufactures ball, radial and axial bearings and pillow blocks;
SC ELECTROTEL SAmanufactures low-tension electric equipment, metallic structures and electric appliances;
SC IAICA SAmanufactures venting and air-conditioning equipment and parts;
SC ALTEX SAproduces textile fibers of cotton and ready-made clothes;
SC SAIFCAR SA construction assembling, installations and repairs for construction;
SC GERMINO SA produces biscuits, pasta and bread;
SC HIDRO OLT CONSTUCT ALEXANDRIAconstruction assembling, installations and repairs for construction;
SC CICALEXis specialized in meat packing and processing.
Banking services are provided through the local branches of the following:
The Commercial Bank
BRD - Group Societe General
CEC- the National Savings Bank